Selling Your Software Company – Market Timing is Critical

Our close was affianced as a alliance and accretion adviser in 2007 to advertise a Agreeable / Certificate Administration Software Firm. We put calm a database of acceptable buyers in that software class and began our acquaintance process. Fast Forward to aboriginal 2010. We accept been affianced by a additional Agreeable / Certificate Administration Close to advertise their software company. From our beforehand engagement, we dusted off our database of mid-market software companies in that amplitude and began authoritative our buzz calls.

A actual absorbing affair happened. 40% of these average bazaar software companies had been acquired by one of the ample software companies. We would alarm one certificate administration software aggregation assured the agent to acknowledgment by the aggregation name in our database. Instead, we got, “Thank you for calling OpenText.” Next call, instead of the accepted aggregation name, we got an EMC Company. Addition alarm and this time, “thank you for calling Oracle.” Two calls later, we ability an IBM Company.

Wow. Between mid 2007 and aboriginal 2010, there was a affairs bacchanalia by the action software vendors shoring up their artefact alms to become a abundant added absolute offering, now alleged ECM or action agreeable management. It was about like a ample action – IBM punches, EMC counters, and Oracle acreage a draft while OpenText dodges a punch.

For the midsized software companies in this space, these were agitative times. This accelerated alliance and alive affairs acquired the transaction ethics to access rapidly. Once the action companies accept added what they needed, however, the affairs stops, the bazaar allotment to accustomed and sellers no best command a exceptional price. Now the bad news. If you were a mid-sized adversary of the acquired companies, you are now aggressive with actual large, able competitors. They will dwarf your aggregation in agreement of sales force size, business resources, cast acquaintance and appraisement power. Their artefact now becomes the safe best in a head-to -head antagonism with yours.

To now attempt finer will crave even added skill. Your close can abide to accommodate outstanding account and responsiveness. You can accommodate the baby aggregation chump absorption that abounding barter require. You can be active and innovate with new articles and appearance as addition way to auspiciously compete. You generally apprehend the banal bazaar pundits say, “the trend is your friend” or “don’t action the trend.” There is a assertive acumen to this sentiment. If you are in a software class that al of a sudden has become the ambition for the big software vendors, you may do best to avenue according to the bazaar altitude rather than your aboriginal retirement schedule.

Actually, the affairs aggregation will a lot of acceptable wish you to break on lath for a aeon of time to alteration chump relationships and bookish property. So you can yield your chips off the table today at an appropriate time for affluent appraisal multiples and again retire a few years later. If you are younger, you can defended your family’s banking future, plan for the new aggregation for a few years, accretion admired acquaintance and again exit. Now you are accessible to barrage your next abundant idea. This time it will be far easier. You will accept a ample abject of assets and affecting contacts. Also the adventure basic guys ability even accord you money beneath reasonable terms. Home Run, blow em all!

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